Why Yodanote

his question, in fact, can be divided into three small questions to answer:

  • Why do notes As the saying goes good memory as bad written, the human brain always easy to forget, taking notes is important records, increasingly high degree of social information, in addition to we need to record a lot of content to go to school and doing research, working with life there are large amounts of information need to record it.

  • Why use note-taking software The information is recorded on the traditional paper notebook, with the popularity of computer and cell phone records of these electronic devices more convenient, but also easy to search the contents, and then editing and finishing, but also facilitate the dissemination of online, print or share with others.

  • Why should I use YodaNote YodaNote e is fully independent innovation, in addition to general notes software functionality, it also provides a number of unique features, details, please refer to the following instructions.

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