YodaNote Account

  • YodaNote Account YodaNote account is similar to an ordinary mailbox account, is the use of notes and related services Yoda unique identification mark. In order to use the online cloud storage and synchronization services, YodaNote need to record your authorization configuration information, this account is the user’s logo. YodaNote account is currently only requires a user name, password, and email, additional information will be collected, nor will such information be disclosed to third parties.

  • How to register an account YodaNote can register on the official website, and then received a registration message, sent using password, you can then configure the user’s own password.

  • Why register an account of YodaNote YodaNote without registering an account you can use YodaNote, but want to use features such as network synchronization, you must register for an account, and in order to better serve customers, YodaNote will send some upgrade notification in the form of e-mail, so we Yoda is strongly recommended to register a note account.

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