Notes is the first-class citizen In YodaNote. A note is actually a piece of information, note is through notes Yoda management , to achieve the personal information and knowledge management .

Notes format

In YodaNote , notes the format as a standard HTML, and other relevant images packaged together as a standard ZIP compressed file, so HTML and ZIP in various platforms are the most basic form , the actual user data can be unified format and compatibility.

Notes management

In YodaNote , notes related information using standard sqlite embedded database management, records notes created, types , categories, and tags and other information.

YodaNote entire functions mainly around the notes management expand , mainly theoretically create notes , notes management and sharing notes and exported.

Notes support operations management are:

  • New
  • New From Template
  • Delete
  • Settings Directory
  • Add tags
  • The top notes
  • Open the tab
  • Opens in a new window
  • Add to Favorites
  • Link to the virtual directory
  • Recursive choose Notes

Create notes

New notes There are four ways :

  • [File] menu
  • Right menu tree
  • Notes on the list right-click menu
  • Shortcuts Press the key combination [ Win + A ] , is to create a new note ; In any case, press the key combination [ Win + A ] , is to create a new note , even YodaNote have hidden the tray icon

Note Editing

Editing notes in three ways:

  • Quick Edit : In the notes view , double-click the corresponding notes, or press the [Enter] key to enter edit mode notes ;
  • Edit in Tab: note browsing, select notes, in the pop-up menu, select [ Open] in the tab or press [ Ctrl + Enter ] key combination to enter edit mode tabs ;
  • Edit in New Window: In the notes view , select notes, in the pop-up menu, select [ open in new window ] or press [ Alt + Enter ] key combination , you enter a new window editing ;
  • Export and Share notes

YodaNote can be exported as a standard HTML file, or YodaNote *.ynf format documents .

Subsequent versions will support additional export and social sharing features

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