Note Store

The NoteStore(NoteBook) support operations:

  • New NoteStore
  • load NoteStore
  • unload NoteStore
  • backup NoteStore
  • NoteStore snapshot
  • NoteStore attribute configuration These features can root NoteStore right to build the menu, or through the [File] menu operation. NoteStore Properties configuration page can also be configured:

  • cloud disk storage configuration

  • the default directory nodes style
  • the default label node style
  • the default notes background set You can create and load multiple NoteStores, in order to facilitate your management, I suggest you do so, in order to better save your notes data:

  • Using 2-5 NoteStore

  • Using 1-3 cloud disk storage fore each NoteStore
  • Create a snapshot weekly
  • Backup NoteStore to local disk monthly Temporarily unable to share data between NoteStore, but you can export and import methods such as manual operation. Between you and your friends can share a NoteStore with notes, laptop backup and loading manual shared YodaNote gradually improve the sharing feature.

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